The Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club



A Scent Detection sanction match is an event given by a CKC recognized club at which dogs compete, but do not qualify for titles. The trial must be run according to official event rules and is a requirement for CKC recognized clubs to offer titling events.

Permission has been granted by the Canadian Kennel Club for the holding of this event. This event is held under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club. Please refer to the rulebook for additional information


Wednesday October 5th, 2022

Start time will be no earlier than 6pm MST.


The De Winton Community Hall

114 Macleod Trail E, De Winton, AB T0L 0X0


Sarah-Jane Petti

27 Brightonstone Common SE

Calgary, AB


Entries open Sept 1 at 10am MST

Entries close Sept 20th at midnight MST, or when trial fills

Entry Form:

*Payment is required ONLY after receiving confirmation of admission from trial secretary


Instinct, Novice, Open, Excellent, Masters

Containers, Interior and Exterior offered for Novice, Open, Excellent and Masters.

Limited class entries. Exhibitors CANNOT compete in the same component at the same level with multiple dogs. NO move ups will be permitted.

NOTE: Instinct is an entry on its own or can be combined with Novice only. It cannot be combined with Open or Excellent levels.

Indoor and Outdoor components will be offered. Minimal cover for exterior searches may be provided should the weather be less than favourable.



Indoor Benching will not be available, please be prepared to bench from your vehicle

Event Veterinarian

DeWinton Pet Hospital

412 Pine Creek Rd, Heritage Pointe, AB T1S 4J9

(403) 256-7297


Event Secretary

Mia Staysko


Ph: 403-827-7556

Club Officers Event Committee
President Patricia Bellveau Event Secretary: Mia Staysko
Vice President Barb McCaffrey
Secretary Christine McKinnon Event Chair: Mia Staysko
Treasurer Karen Massner



CKC Executive Director

Jeff Cornettk

200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5Z9

CKC Director, Zone 10

Lee Anne Bateman

CKC Scent Detection Representative, Zone 10

Carla Simon


Judge Levels Odours
Sarah Jane Petti

Calgary, AB

Instinct Wintergreen
Novice (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors) Wintergreen
Open (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors) Wintergreen and/or Pine
Excellent (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors) Wintergreen and/or Pine and/or Anise
Masters (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors) Wintergreen (W) and/or Pine (P) and/or Anise (A) and/or Clove (CL)



Instinct $10
Novice/Open/Excellent/Masters – Containers $15
Novice/Open/Excellent/Masters – Interiors $15
Novice/Open/Excellent/Masters – Exteriors $15


COVID POLICY: Any handler unable to attend these trials due to exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms after entries close must contact the trial secretary so they may try to fill the available spaces. If those spaces are filled you will receive a refund, if spaces cannot be filled you will forfeit your entry.

RUN ORDER: You will be assigned a time slot. In that time slot you will complete all 3 components with the exception of Instinct where there is only 1 component.

DAY OF TRIAL ENTRIES: Day of trial entries will be accepted as space allows and must be submitted prior to the judges briefing. Day of entries shall be $25.00 per component and only cash will be accepted on the day of the trial. Move ups within the same trial (ie: Novice to Open) are not permitted.

NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PAYMENT IN FULL. Tendering of an NSF cheque in payment of entry fees will be considered non-payment of entry fees and is an offence punishable by CKC disciplinary action and cancellation of awards. The owner of a dog entered in this Trial is entirely responsible for any error in the entering of his dog, regardless of how, or by whom the entry was made.

ROSETTES & PRIZES: As this is a Sanction Match, meaning no official titles can be awarded, those dogs earning qualifying scores will receive a fun APWDC club decal indicating their successful location of the hide(s).

ELIGIBILITY TO COMPETE: To be eligible to compete in these trials, the dog must be 6 months of age and registered or be eligible for registration with the CKC, have an ERN, PEN, CCN, Eligible for registration with the CKC, or a CKC Miscellaneous Certificate number (MCN) if it belongs to a CKC listed breed.

A dog may be spayed, neutered or debarked. Dogs must not be lame or must not compete if tape or bandages may impair its working ability. Dogs with physical challenges are eligible to compete, in the opinion of the judge, they display no signs of physical discomfort and can safely complete the search.

BITCHES IN SEASON: Bitches in season shall not be eligible to enter the test. Entry fees will be refunded when a bitch entered in Scent Detection comes into season after the close of entries if a Veterinarian’s Certificate (certifying that the bitch was in season within the 10-day period preceding the trial) is delivered to the Show Secretary before the starting date and the time of the trial.

IMMUNISATION: The CKC Rules and Regulations for shows, trials and tests, with some exceptions, have explicit rules to minimise the transmission of communicable diseases.

A dog may not be entered or exhibited at a show, trial or test if it has any communicable disease. Dogs entered in a show, trial or test must have proof of current immunisation status.

HANDLERS WITH MULTIPLE DOGS: Handlers with multiple dogs will not be permitted to enter more than one dog in the same class / components. I.e.: Two novice dogs handled by the same person cannot be entered in the same Novice components at the same trial. The handler may enter one dog in Instinct, and one dog in Novice as an alternative.

TEST SITE: No indoor kenneling. These tests will be run rain or shine. All dogs must be under control, on a leash except during the test (where off leash searches are permitted). NO non-trial odor is permitted on the trial grounds. No warm up area will be offered.

Remember that this is a community facility used by families. Clean up after yourself and your dog, failure to do so will be immediate expulsion from the event.

We welcome all exhibitors and spectators, including persons with disabilities and the trial facility is wheelchair accessible. However, stairs during the trial may need to be used to access some search areas. If you require accommodation of a disability, please make your accommodation known to the club in advance. Please contact the show secretary by entry closing to ensure that we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Washroom facilities are available indoors.

PENALTIES ISSUED BY CLUB: Dropping food while rewarding is considered a contamination. Contamination of the search area will result in a non- qualifying score and any dog that urinates, defecates or vomits within the search area will be excused from the competition. Destruction of trial property (excessive scratching or subsequent breaking of an item) may have a monetary penalty of $10.00 enforced.

CKC REGULATION: “It shall be the duty and obligation of the trial- giving club to see that a judge, club official, volunteer or any participant at an event held under these rules is not subject to indignities of any kind. The Event Committee Chair shall promptly report to the CKC any infringement of this regulation, and the CKC shall have the authority to take such action as it deems fit on receipt of a report indicating that this has occurred.”

ELIGIBILITY: Purebred or mixed-breed dogs

Every dog entered in an approved event or sanctioned match must be one of the following:

  1. a) Registered with the CKC
  2. b) Have an Event Registration Number (ERN)
  3. c) Have a Performance Event Number (PEN)
  4. d) Eligible for registration with the CKC, and have a Temporary Competition Number (TCN)
  5. e) (mixed breed) Have a Canine Companion Number (CCN)

Please refer to the information about this policy on the CKC website: MemberParticipation- Fee-Form-Form-No-150-00-5

To be eligible to compete at approved trials or sanctioned matches a dog must meet the requirements of Section 6.1.1, and:

  1. a) Must be at least 6 months of age.
  2. b) May be spayed, neutered, or debarked.
  3. c) Must not be lame (it is the judge’s responsibility to determine whether a dog is lame).
  4. d) Must not compete if it has tape or bandages that may impair its working ability (such a dog must be immediately excused and under no circumstances may it be returned later for judging after the tape or bandages have been removed).


It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be familiar with the rules pertaining to the event in which they are competing.

The CKC Scent Detection Rules & Regulations are available at


To enter Canada from the States, US Citizens must show proof of identity; however as of June 1, 2009, to enter back into the United States, all US Citizens age 16 or older must have a valid Passport or Approved Secure Travel Document.

Please be aware that all dogs must have a valid rabies certificate to cross the border. A valid rabies vaccination that has been given at least 30 days prior to entry into Canada is required to bring a dog into this country. Government regulations require a rabies vaccination certificate be provided for each dog. NOTE: Dogs less than three months of age do not require rabies vaccination.


Please note: An exhibitor has the right to withdraw an entry up to the closing date and time as published in the premium list. This may be done by telephone, but written or electronic notification must be received by the Show Secretary no later than the official closing date and time. If written notification is not received by that time, the dog will remain entered in the show.