Canine Freestyle

In Canine Freestyle you and your pup work together to perform a choreographed performance to music. It’s ‘Dancing with the Dogs’! As the freestyle name suggests, almost anything goes as long as it is safe for both the dog and the handler.

Freestyle is a great way to incorporate a lot of your other training into a fun yet competitive performance and is a wonderful way to build your relationship with your PWD. Your basic obedience cues, particularly heeling will be handy, and any of those fun tricks you have been working on; they will have a place to shine here.

For many, their first exposure to Freestyle was when a shaggy little white mixed breed pup named Pudsey and his owner Ashley hit the stage at Britain’s Got Talent, impressing the ever doubtful Simon Cowell. After watching them perform Cowell exclaimed “You know me, I love a dancing dog”.

Doesn’t it look like fun?

Getting Started

Freestyle classes are offered by some local training facilities but if you have skills in obedience, tricks or agility you have some great foundations to work from.

Paws to Dance orĀ The World Canine Freestyle Organization are great places to learn more!