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Portuguese Water Dog puppy

Breeder’s List

Selecting the right breeder is a process that you should take your time with. Finding your new Portie takes some research and may take a bit of time as responsibly bred dogs are in increasing demand.

The APWDC does not endorse nor recommend the listed breeders, this is a courtesy listing of local (mostly) Alberta breeders who hold membership in our club.

Please do your own thorough research into a breeder to find the one who best matches your needs. In the links below you will find some good guides to get you started in your search for a great breeder.

Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada

Humane Canada

Looking to rescue an adult Portuguese Water Dog? Rescuing can be a wonderful option and gives PWDs that have fallen into difficult circumstances a second chance at being part of a wonderful family. If you are not up to those puppy years, please consider a rescue.