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Did you want to attend the last event, but weren't able to make it?  Perhaps your PWD stole your car keys or wouldn't come out of the river to attend the event?  

Keep an eye out here for a listing of club and other other PWD related functions.



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The AWPDC has been approved by the CKC to hold two Scent Detection trials in the Calgary area on April 13 & 14, 2024. There is still plenty of time to hone up on your nosework game with your favorite PWD partner!

Premium will be posted on and will be available in the new year. All levels will be run over the two days offering room for some new participant teams as well as more experienced teams.

Entries open Mar 2 at 7pm and will be taken through In general Scent Detection trials in Alberta fill very quickly so if you wish to enter please be sure to have a account already set up so you can enter at exactly 7pm.

Info, notifications and premium here

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