Fun With Agility

Agility is a fun and fast dog sport in which dogs are asked to navigate through a set course of obstacles in a set amount of time. The goal is to correctly run through the course within the allowed time with the fewest number of mistakes. It is a great activity for working breeds such as Portuguese Water Dogs, as it requires both physical and mental stamina (it’s not a bad workout for handlers either).

There are different types of obstacles in an agility course, and they are set up according to the specific levels and games within those levels. Your dog will be asked to navigate through tunnels, over jumps, along balance beams and to weave through poles. You will be required to remember where you are going and direct your dog to the correct obstacle.

Becoming a good team takes time and practice but the result can be super rewarding!

Getting started

Agility requires equipment and space so learning at a local training facility is your first step. You will be guided through levels, learning more complex skills as you go.
Equipment can be made or purchased to train at home but expect to incur some expenses.

Agility Organizations in Canada

There are several organizations in Canada that govern agility trials, each with their own rules and games. Dog clubs hold trials under one of the following;

AAC (Agility Association of Canada)
CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)
UKI Canada (Uk Agility International)
NADAC (The North American Dog Agility Council)