Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is another sport based on traditional roles that dogs have played in our lives. Though Portuguese Water Dogs were not bred to find vermin in barns, they are still canines and they love to play this finding game, which is open to all breeds that can fit through an 18″ tunnel made of straw bales.

Barn hunt, like most sports, has dogs work through levels of increasing difficulty, earning recognized titles along the way.

Real rats (or gerbils) are used as the odour in this nosework game but don’t worry, the ‘vermin’ are all beloved pets who are safely contained so that the dogs can find them without harm.

Who doesn’t love to play out in, on top of, or under the grass?

Getting Started

Barn Hunt classes are a bit hard to find in Alberta but there are a few places to get you started. The Barn Hunt Association has an event calendar which includes events here in Western Canada as well as training clubs currently operating.