Rally Obedience or Rally-O is a sport that Porties, and their human partners, really enjoy. In Rally the team is asked to go through a set course of stations at their own pace. Each station has a sign providing visual instruction for the handler as to the obedience based task that they will do next. The team is scored based on performance of each task but the scoring is not as rigorous as formal obedience meaning it is less stressful and more fun!

If you love obedience but hate the stress, this may be just the sport for you and your portie.

Many training facilities offer Rally Obedience classes to get you understanding the game. Like most sports there are levels of competition based on your team’s competence. In Canada Rally rules are determined by two clubs; the Canadian Kennel Club and CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience). Training facilities and dog clubs also offer fun matches which is a great way to get started and practice for a formal competition.

How to get started:

Rally Obedience trials are generally held by breed clubs across Canada. The easiest way to find CKC sanctioned events of all types is through Canuck Dogs. Here you will find all types of trails and you are able to filter your choices and have notifications of upcoming events sent to you weekly through their email list. This is a very handy way to keep apprised of upcoming Rally trials near you.